Jared Fath | ALES Graduate Seminar

Date(s) - 14/02/2022
8:30 am - 9:30 am

Event details:  A graduate exam seminar is a presentation of the student’s final research project for their degree.

This is an ALES PhD Final Exam Seminar by Jared Fath.  This seminar is open to the general public to attend.

Thesis Topic:

Road Erosion, Sediment Delivery, and Cumulative Impacts in the Simonette Watershed West-Central Alberta

Seminar Abstract: 

Gravel and dirt resource roads are key economic infrastructure in resource-dependent communities in Alberta. Resource roads are also known to add sediment to rivers and streams, causing habitat stress for fish and other aquatic organisms. In this thesis, erosion and sediment delivery processes are studied in the Simonette watershed in west-central Alberta. An understanding of these processes is used to develop and test several road erosion risk indicators which are then measured against physical measures of stream condition collected in the field in a number of small test watersheds within the Simonette watershed.

Erosion processes and potential connectivity were strongly related to hydrological behaviour of road segments. Fine sediment impacts from roads were concentrated in zones of flow into the streambed. Instream condition was correlated with upstream road crossings, and with a hydrological index of road erosion risk, but not with road density.

Zoom link:   https://ualberta-ca.zoom.us/j/95637031100?pwd=cFptL1dNNUdOTkNkMWZJOVBFQzA0Zz09