Balancing Work and Care: Strategies for Meaningful Employment

Date(s) - 05/04/2022
11:00 am - 12:00 pm

An image showcasing the panelists for the "Balancing Work and Care" event.April 5 is National Caregiver Day when we recognize the nearly 8 million Canadians who care for family and friends who have chronic health conditions, disabilities or functional limitations. Combining care work and paid work is the norm for many employed Canadians, with caregivers making up 30-35% of the paid workforce.

Join a catalytic conversation with our panelists to discuss the challenges of balancing paid work and unpaid caregiving responsibilities, the marketable “soft” skills that caregivers acquire as part of their care journey and how employers can benefit from and better support caregivers in the workplace.

The panel includes professor Janet Fast and will be moderated by Jacquie Eales, research manager with the Research on Aging, Policies and Practice project.

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