A REES/Sustainability Council Seminar: Does coffee have a future?

Date(s) - 01/12/2022
3:45 pm - 6:15 pm
North Campus, ECHA Building, Edmonton AB

A REES/Sustainability Council Seminar

Title: Does coffee have a future?

Start time: 3:45 pm


  • Madiha Nawaz, Rainforest Alliance, Manager, Environmental Markets Innovation, Washington, DC.
  • David Crosby, Rosso Coffee Roasters, Founder & CEO, Calgary.

Location: University of Alberta, North Campus, ECHA Building.

The event location will be shared by email with registered participants. 

Join us for an event on “Coffee sustainability” with speakers from the Rainforest Alliance and Rosso Coffee Roasters.  The event will conclude with a coffee tasting provided by Edmonton coffee roasters Rogue Wave Coffee and Sorellina.


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Coffee is one of the most valuable and sought commodities in the world.  Many people drink it every day and demand for coffee is increasing every year.  At the same time, coffee production is under threat by pests, soil depletion, climate change, farmer poverty and aging farmer populations.  Farmers are struggling with often low and unpredictable income and environmental challenges to their production.  A growing number of consumers are concerned about the social and environmental impact of their consumption.

How do stakeholders across the coffee supply chain respond to these challenges to ensure fair and sustainable coffee production and consumption in the long term? In their talks, Madiha Nawaz and David Crosby will talk about these issues and potential solutions from the perspective of their own work across coffee supply chains.

The two talks will be followed by a Q&A between the audience and Madiha Nawaz, David Crosby and David Laville (Rogue Wave Coffee).

The Q&A ends at 5:30 pm.  The coffee tasting will take place after the Q&A.



Madiha Nawaz has over 10 years of experience managing smallholder, inclusive sustainable agricultural supply chain programs in emerging markets, covering a range of crops including horticulture, cereals, and agroforestry.  At the Rainforest Alliance, she leads the environmental innovations team, developing supply chain strategies focused on regenerative agriculture, climate mitigation, and adaptation for key clients such as Nespresso, Nestle and Unilever.  Madiha is passionate about developing agri-food systems that are regenerative, socio-ecologically sustainable, and economically viable.  She holds an MSc in Organic Agriculture & Agroecology from Wageningen University and a B.A. in International studies from American University.

David Crosby is founder and CEO of Rosso Coffee Roasters, Calgary. As part of the “Rosso Direct” program, Rosso works directly with and sources coffee directly from coffee farmers in 15 countries.  The focus lies on establishing long-term relationships with farmers, thereby supporting sustainable farming practices, farmer prosperity and increasing the quality of coffee beans.


This event is jointly organized by University of Alberta’s Sustainability Council and the Department of Resource Economics & Environmental Sociology.

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